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Changelog (Pro)


  1. Deepl Translator issue with deepl pro
  2. Html div issue
  3. Update now button not coming issue

Version 1.4.1

Fixed: Auto Translate Button not visible on other language

Version 1.4

Improved: over all code
Fixed: merge translation issue
Improved: conditionality loaded all scripts and styles

Version 1.3.4

Fixed:-License notice bugs

Version 1.3.3

Added:- Added more language support in DeepL

Version 1.3.2


  1. unable to save strings bug with WordPress 5.6
  2. minor compatibility issues with WordPress 5.6

Version 1.3.1

Fixed: Compatibility issues with Loco Translate 2.4.4

Version 1.3

Integrated: New auto translation flow.
Added: Compatibility with latest Loco Translate plugin version.
Improved: License page backend design.

Version 1.2.1

Added: Traditional Chinese language support
Fixed: minor bug fixes

Version 1.2

New: DeepL Doc Translator Support

Improved: Plugin Overall Interface

Removed: All APIs Support Removed (use plugin without API)

Version 1.1.1


  1. Google Translate scripts loading issues
  2. Google undefined issues

Improved: loaded google assets based upon conditions

Version 1.1

Added: Integrated Google Translate Widget. Now you can translate unlimited translation without any API Key
Fixed: Minor JS fixes
Improved: Improved Code

Version 1.0

Fixed: minor notice issue
Improved: endpoint updates