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How to Use DeepL Doc Translator to Translate Plugins or Themes?

DeepL Doc Translator is a powerful tool that can be used to translate plugins or themes in WordPress. Once you select the language in which you want to translate your theme or plugin. Now the great Auto Translate feature comes into picture.

1. Click on Auto Translate button.

2. A pop-up will appear. Select the translator you wish to translate with.

loco translate selector

3. In this section, we will select Deepl Translator.

4. Once you click on Deepl Translator. A window will open with a series of steps.

5. Click on Download Docx button. This will download a word document file that consists of theme or plugin strings.

6. Go to Deepl Translator Website and change the target language to the one in which you wish to translate.

7. Click on select from your computer button and select the downloaded string file.

8. Click on Translate into Hungarian button. You translated document will automatically get download.

9. Go back to your website and click on Choose File button.

10. Select the translated document file that was downloaded from Deepl Translation Website.

11. Then, click on Upload Strings.

12. Now, click on Merge Translation button.

13. Then, click on Start Adding Process.

14. Once you click on Start Adding Process. All the translation will get added to the loco translator string table.

15. Click on Save button.

Note that while machine translation tools like DeepL can be helpful, they may not provide perfect translations, and there may be inaccuracies or errors in the translation. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to have a professional translator review the translation if it’s critical for your business or organization.